We enable the long anticipated market transformation of the electric grid. We make our customers the focal point of our offerings. And their energy usage, storage and generation (optional) allow our hardware and software holistic product devise customized solutions to help them reduce their electricity bill and also derive recurring revenue from their systems.
We are a US Department of Energy funded startup that has developed and  patented a revolutionary power electronics technology. Built ground-up, our holistic solution is the most affordable, highest performing, user-interactive and friendly system for both stationary and mobile distributed energy resources (DERs). We are the missing link that delivers product appeal for a new generation of system owners while serving today's and tomorrow's electric grid requirements.

Sep 2018

Demonstration partnership with utility industry leader

Jun 2018

Commercialization collaboration partnership with market-leading roofing manufacturer

Jun 2018

Product development partnership with world-leading utility industry vendor

Jun 2017

Demonstration project completed with report from utility industry research institute

Dec 2016

Primary US and International Patents Issued



Spanning both the grid network and customer-side electric systems we enable our customers to store and, optionally, generate energy on-site. Our hardware system solution efficiently and cost effectively bridge storage and optional PV systems to the distribution network. Advanced digital controls and analytics fulfill our customers operational cost reduction and revenue generation goals.
Due to the inherent granular optimization of our technology, our systems deliver certainty of capacity availability and operational transparency to grid operators and utilities. The secured platform enables the local utility company to integrate these behind the meter (BTM) systems with high confidence delivering both reliability and resiliency for their networks.



Complete semiconductor integration with smarts, safety & intelligence


Proprietary electronic switchgear for smart grid interactive management


Extreme analytics for demand charge reduction and guaranteed capacity


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