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True clean energy for today's and tomorrow's generations

We enable the long-anticipated market transformation of the electric grid. We make our customers the focal point of our offerings. Their energy usage, storage and generation allow us to offer  customized solutions to help them reduce their electricity bill and also derive recurring revenue from their systems. We deliver these customer-centric benefits, significantly lowering infrastructure costs, eliminating equipment and discarding inept products that are unfit for the challenges of the 21st century.
We are a US Department of Energy funded startup that has developed and patented a revolutionary power electronics technology. Built ground-up, our holistic solution is the most affordable, highest performing, user-interactive and friendly system for customer-centric grid-edge solutions. We are the missing link that delivers on "doing more with less" – lowering both our physical and carbon footprint – and transfers the control of our clean energy destiny to the customers.
Beginning 2013, we have developed and presently commercializing a novel power electronics technology. The primary objective of our endeavor is all about minimizing material content, physical footprint. Doing more with less applies equally to the powering hardware and the application it serves. That's when dramatic carbon footprint and system-wide cost reductions happen. It's ever hardly by deploying more and more hardware.
Nature's own solutions are always efficient and simple. 
We follow the same principle. 
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