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Patent 1

solar photovoltaic energy collection and conversion

The SineWatts architectural patent is titled “Systems and Methods for Solar Photovoltaic Energy Collection and Conversion”. It is a disruptive power conversion architecture developed for high density powering hardware implementation that significantly lowers cost by simplification of the manufacturing process and the installation. It is applicable for EV, energy storage and PV.

Patent 2

System and method for islanding detection and prevention in distributed generation

The second patent is "Systems and Methods for islanding detection and prevention for distributed generation". It prevents islanded operation upon grid failure by distributed generation on the utility grid. It is specifically designed for our hardware architecture and allows us to detect islanded condition, shuts down its power and disconnects from the grid during grid outage conditions.

Patent 3

converter with phase-offset switching

SineWatts' 3rd patent is “Converter with Phase Offset Switching”. It utilizes phase offsets of switching frequency to further improve power density. The switching hardware of the segmented converter is offset to obtain a simulated or effective switching frequency that is orders of magnitude. higher. That allows far fewer passive components and far lower magnitude of passive components without increasing any losses in the system. Overall, this allows further reduction of cost of the hardware and that of the final system.

Patent 4

 systems and methods for synchronizing converter modules

Our 4th patent is "Systems and Methods for Synchronizing Converter Modules". Our proprietary communications technique synchronizes the segmented inverter modules to the frequency of the grid. It utilizes the same power line that carries the power further simplifying the system while improving reliability.

Patent 5

Systems and methods for advanced integration of distributed energy resources

Our mission at SineWatts is to deliver deeply embedded resiliency, unfailing reliability, true sustainability, and affordable energy access for all. We deliver clean, affordable energy, leaving no one behind. Hi, I'm Shiba Bhowmik of SineWatts. Our fifth issued patent is "Systems and methods for advanced integration of distributed energy resources". With this particular invention, we bring four-quadrant operation built into our core sinewatts SineWatts inverter architecture that allows for seamless integration and energy generation and energy resources built into the network. We provide the technology for the grid of the future. For more information, please visit us at

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