Unprecedented demand coming online

In 2030, electric vehicles are anticipated to reach

a 30% share of the global vehicle market

Global EV Electricity Demand in 2030 =


Annual energy consumption of

92 million US homes

(about 73% US homes)


But the infrastructure is drastically inefficient and spectacularly deficient 

Today's platform is incapable of tackling the requirements of clean, unfailing, low cost electricity to meet its new demand  

Global clean generation needed =


Annual energy consumption of
142 million US homes

(about 115% US homes)

Lost in Delivery

We will incur significant losses in supplying EV electricity demand from utility-scale solar or wind power plants






Portion of losses to be incurred by centralized storage for utility-scale renewables




Portion of losses to be incurred in delivering electricity to chargers from centralized resources


Portion of losses to be incurred by chargers after accounting for anticipated improvements

Annual energy

consumption of 50 million

US homes

(about 40% US homes)

The conventional platform is neither sustainable nor scalable 


Ubiquitous Storage for the Grid

Utilizing our proprietary powering solution electric vehicles when parked and plugged in transform the electric grid for the 21st century and eliminating EV infrastructure costs

Localizing Our Power Source on Demand

Power sources are localized eliminating systemic inefficiencies and improving system reliability and resiliency

We eliminate system-wide energy losses and eliminate infrastructure wastage


Infrastructure and

vehicle costs are significantly reduced

We deliver unprecedented carbon footprint reduction by eliminating material content and substantially improving system-wide efficiency to clean our electricity

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