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Driving Energy Forward™

with our Power Plant on Wheels™ products.

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Our Mission

We transform the lives of present and future generations by sustainably powering vehicles that also clean the electric power for homes, offices, factories – everywhere we live or work and any way we travel or transport goods on land.

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Watch Dr. Shiba Bhowmik further explain our purpose

We need electricity 24-7

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What We Do

We heed the planet's demands to sustainably electrify our world. We enable the lowest cost energy storage solution on the electric grid without increasing material content or harming Nature. Our proprietary powering solution converts electric vehicles as the quintessential storage for the grid when parked and plugged in. It also doubles up to fast charge the vehicles. With ubiquitous, distributed storage we enable full utilization of our rooftops – homes where we live, offices and factories where we work – to generate power for all sorts of electricity usage including electrified transportation. Power sources become localized eliminating chronic systemic inefficiencies. Our powering solution inherently replaces low-tech equipment, misfitted centralized powering systems and insufficient infrastructure for EVs. This dramatically reduces the carbon footprint and delivers 21st century powering solutions for societies of today and tomorrow.

Our Milestone


Aug 6, 2022

North Carolina company's move to Bakers-field advances local push for tech jobs

SineWatts is excited to announce details of our public private partnership with the City of Bakersfield.

Press release

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Aug 15, 2022

Tech company Sinewatts looks to bring more energy jobs to Bakersfield

We are pleased to provide information about our public-private cooperation with the City of Bakersfield.

Press release

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Our Partners


Leading automotive OEMs

Leading utility partners and vendors


Leading power electronics R&D centers

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"Reimagining power electronics and magnetics for a transformed new world of 100% renewables."

- Shibashis Bhowmik, SineWatts CEO

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